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2014 K2 SideSeth Ski

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Grösse 174, 181, 188


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Type: Freeride


Snowbird’s big, but this ski’s bigger. Seth Morrison’s pro model doesn’t really fit the confines of a frontside ski test, but that won’t bother guys who emulate Seth. With tons of smear-ready rocker and a sidecut that’s happiest going down the mountain, it thrives in wide-open spaces and the deep snow, but fares poorly in captivity. Yes, it pouts when the forecast foot turns out to be 2 inches. But who doesn’t? „A big-boned bad-ass, and you’d better have a big mountain.“ Notes: With its 118 mm length, the Seth Morrison pro model, which is part of K2’s Men’s Backside collection of sidecountry-ready fat skis, is certainly designed to spend most of its time in deep snow. But it has a measure of hard-snow performance as well, good for those who know they’ll be spending plenty of time skiing resorts on it. K2’s Powder Rocker combines 50 percent traditional camber (underfoot) with 50 percent rocker (tip and tail) for ultimate deep-powder surfiness and enough hard-snow carvability to get you back to the lift. The tail is slightly raised, giving it quickness in tight spots. It’s a metal-free, wood-core (fir/aspen/maple), Hybritech Sidewall construction (sturdy vertical sidewall underfoot for edge grip, lightweight cap fore and aft for supple flex). The Powder Tip is tapered so it’s less easily deflected and swing weight is reduced. For those expecting to use it as a touring ski, pre-cut skins are sold separately, and the tip and tail have skin-ready attachment holes. It weights 2,292 grams at 191 cm.

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K2 gilt als Pionier der Glasfaserskis. Diese Skis sind leichter und halten höheren Belastungen stand, als solche, die aus Holz oder Metall hergestellt sind. Der Hauptsitz des Unternehmens liegt in Carlsbad, Kalifornien. Seit 2001 werden seine Produkte in China hergestellt. K2 ist Sponsor diverser Sportler und hat ein eigenes Snowboard-Rider-Team. Das berühmteste Mitglied des Teams ist Gretchen Bleiler.