schweiz kaufen Neilpryde TheFly 2016

schweiz kaufen Neilpryde TheFly 2016


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The Fly

Down The Line Wave

The most neutral and ?on-off? wave sail, The Fly excels in pure, clean waves where the light, soft handling allows for an experience as close to surfing as possible. This three-batten sail feels extremely stable and light while remaining incredibly maneuverable, retaining a handling pedigree and control levels that keep you where the action is ? in the critical wave sections you?ve been hunting down.


Key Features

Cross batten construction allows all three battens to provide the critical leech support while the bottom batten shaping is kept low and forward below the boom area.
Reduced distance between the clew and the cross batten distributes the load very evenly, prevents the draft from moving back and keeps the sail stable.
Forceline panel incorporates both clew and tack radial construction into one laminated panel.
Mini flat leech rod battens for optimum support and smooth finish.

Sail Specs

Size Luff Boom Base Battens Cams Ideal Mast Top Finishing Weight Code
3.3 344 137 4 3 0 340/370 Vario Top 2.7kg BNP16FL00033
3.8 368 149 28 3 0 340/370 Vario Top 2.85kg BNP16FL00038
4.2 376 154 6 3 0 370 Fixed Head 2.95kg BNP16FL00042
4.5 388 159 18 3 0 370 Fixed Head 3.05kg BNP16FL00045
4.8 400 164 30 3 0 370 Fixed Head 3.15kg BNP16FL00048
5.1 414 169 14 3 0 400 Fixed Head 3.25kg BNP16FL00051
5.4 429 173 30 3 0 400 Fixed Head 3.35kg BNP16FL00054