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Binding w/ binding
Lengths 163, 170, 177, 184
Tip/Waist/Tail 132-90-115


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Type: All Mountain


The testers‘ favorite 2014 K2 is the embodiment of versatility, as its No. 1 ranking for Balance of Skills attests. The metal-reinforced Rictor carves up hard snow right along with the best skis in this category. But where other contenders can be over-damp or dead, the Rictor brings a lively zest to the task. It ranks No. 1 for Rebound Energy, but its energy is never unmanageable, hard to contain, or exhausting. And as the best skis do, it behaves beautifully without requiring a lot of attention.

„Wide enough to charge in mixed snow and terrain; shaped and narrow enough to carve with the best.“

The Rictor name returns to the K2 lineup, but the Rictor 90 is an all-new model. It’s the widest of the AMP series of men’s all-mountain performance skis, built to bridge the gap between resort skis with narrower trail-oriented waists and fatter freeride models of the new Annex and Shreditor series. With its 90-mm waist and moderate rocker, it’s designed to split its time evenly between powder and hardpack snow conditions. A tapered tip, not found in any other AMP series model, gives it some smeary looseness in deep snow. And for AT skiers, tip and tail grommets make for easy attachment of K2 skins. It’s a wood-core (aspen/paulownia/maple) metal-laminate Hybritech construction (sturdy vertical sidewall underfoot for edge grip, lightweight cap fore and aft for supple flex). It’s sold either flat (no binding) or as a system with a 14-DIN Marker/K2 MXC binding. K2’s All-Terrain Rocker combines 70 percent camber with 30 percent tip/shovel rocker to smooth the ride, enhance forgiveness and improve soft-snow flotation. Mod Technology features an independently acting secondary core, raised above the deck, to focus power transmission where needed and reduce vibrations for better edge grip and high-speed calm. Mod Monic technology features a strategically placed module to further reduce vibrations.


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Hersteller Info

K2 gilt als Pionier der Glasfaserskis. Diese Skis sind leichter und halten höheren Belastungen stand, als solche, die aus Holz oder Metall hergestellt sind. Der Hauptsitz des Unternehmens liegt in Carlsbad, Kalifornien. Seit 2001 werden seine Produkte in China hergestellt. K2 ist Sponsor diverser Sportler und hat ein eigenes Snowboard-Rider-Team. Das berühmteste Mitglied des Teams ist Gretchen Bleiler.