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We crammed all the goodies we could into this short trick stick. Try every fin configuration imaginable with 6 Future Fin® boxes. Schmidty wanted a hand shaped perimeter rail baked into a skim skate shape. This package gives the Butter Stick smoother side to side turn transitions and sweet aerial awareness. Prepare to eat up big wake barrels.

Features: EPX2 Surf Construction, Real Wood Stringer, Hand Shaped Design, EVA Traction Pads, Integrated Kicktail, Future Fin Compatible

PX2 „epoxy“ surf construction

Our focus is on providing the highest quality combination of Polystyrene foam, resin, and cloth performance on the surf market today. EPX2 substantially increases buoyancy in each surfer resulting in a more lively and smooth ride from rail to rail and a more enjoyable surfing experience on your endless wave. EPX2 ‘epoxy’ Surf Construction sets the bar high for responsive, high performance surf.

Hand Shaped Design

Hand shaping allows for variable rail designs and makes for effortless turn initiation and more responsiveness on the water. Our hand shaped Wakesurfers have exceptional buoyancy which help keep the nose above water and the board riding fast on any size wave.

EVA Traction

Durable EVA diamond pattern top deck traction for maximum grip on the top deck.


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