schweiz NSP E2 Fish Surfboard 2014 kaufen


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  • Der Wavecatcher.. Der beliebte ‚ Fish im Full-Size-Design kommt jetzt fuer die grossen Jungs oder den Umsteiger, mit gedehnter Outline und gemässigtem Rocker. Diese breite, flache Kombination macht es möglich bereits kleinste Wellen mitzunehmen. Überraschend schnell und wendig, ist der 6’6“ ein perfektes Shortboard für Mittel- und Schwergewichte oder eine ideale Ergänzung zum Longboard.
  • Sehr stabiles Board (single concave)
  • Sehr guten Volumenverteilung
  • Einfaches Board wie Bsp. ein Longboard
  • Lieferumfang: Finnen und Leash


nsp fish

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The NSP E2 Fish is a durable small wave thruster designed to maximize the amount of fun you can have in the surf.This board features a modern fish outline and enough volume to get into waves early, while still providing the freedom to perform maneuvers with minimal effort. The smooth relaxed rocker has extra flip in the nose allowing you to drop into hollow waves with confidence then quickly generate speed.

Single concave in the nose flattens out through the centre, and then transitions into vee through the back of the board. This combination of bottom contours is ideal for generating speed down the line, and making fast rail-to-rail turns in more critical sections.

The NSP E2 Fish has a swallowtail with a hip positioned adjacent to the trailing edge of the side fins; this reduces the area under your back foot and enhances the board’s ability to turn in a much tighter radius. Boxy-full rails also add to the overall forgiveness of this model.

The NSP E2 Fish is constructed from E2 Epoxy technology offering a thick, highly durable fibreglass skin that’s designed to withstand the harshest of treatment. This model comes with fins and a leash, and is versatile enough to be ridden by novice surfers through to travel junkies wanting a board that’ll survive any surf expedition.