2015 sailworks Retro


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The Retro is our flagship camless freeride sail. It is legendary in the windsurfing world for setting the benchmark for power, performance and durability. The design concept: be simple and intuitive to rig; power up early; be stable through a big wind range; be forgiving to ride over-powered; be built to last; and be affordable. Sounds like a simple formula, right? Except that most of those criteria are somewhat opposite, and represent quite a challenging and contradictory wish list.

For 17 years we have been working on this design model, tweaking and balancing these divergent requirements into a harmonious package. The past summer and fall we spent hundreds of hours, creating dozens of design iterations and new prototypes. We tested with pro riders, we tested with novices, and we tested with discerning customers who know the Retro. It’s tedious and time consuming to reconcile the all the feedback to the sail’s geometry, but the hard work has paid off. Big. Time.

The 2014 Retro is lighter, both physically, and under load in your hands. The handling is balanced and forward to your course. The power band is rich but smooth to apply. The top end is rock-solid with predictable control. The build-quality and durability are sound and the sail prices are unchanged. In short, it’s THE BEST Retro we’ve ever made.


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