2016 Starboard lineup

starboard sup 2016 overview

Race inflatable with 2 stringers


Here´s a big innovation: carbon sidewalls. Bridging the gap between hardboards & inflatable. As Red Paddle scored podium places with their Elite inflatable during races with hardboards. Red Paddle has a (patented) system with battens stiifenning the side. Starboard seems go-over and has come up with carbon making a super stiff board.

sb carbon rail


Innovation: at the tail of the board some sort of spoiler.

sb16xxx  hecksp


Hooray for innovating the inflatable SUPs.

In a very short time the boards have gotten good rockerlines, , have become very stiff, have gotten windsurf options.

Seems like one of the frontiers is the rails. Ofcourse big difference with the hardboards is that with inflatables the rails are round, as where hardboards can be any shape, preferably for racing a more square design. In line with dave kalamas plea for inflatable racing rather thenhardboards , the new starboard inflatable race is just in time.


Some other rails pioneers:

Pioneering inflatable SUPs for the Waves  is  pendleboard. Combining a hard tail with an inflatable nose section.



Pioneering inflatable SUPs for  racing is needlenose



So who knows, maybe Starboard has found gold , or actually carbon with their rails for the inflatable market. Time wil tell as in Wilhelm Tell.

To be continued