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Nice storm windsurfsession & spotdescription: ‘wijk aan zee, holland’


7th October 2014 was a nice day with 8 Bft and more and 3 meter waves in Wijk aan Zee the Netherlands. It was impressing to see so many good winsurfers enjoying windsurfing in storm. Interesting to see which gear they are on:
Sails: 3.7-4.2
Boards: 70-90 Liter (Freestyle) Wave

Wijk aan zee or short wijk (prenounced ‘waik’) is a super nice place in the coast north of Amsterdam.

The south of the spot has a big dam. Just above the dam is most flat, (the dam breaks the waves). here is where the kites fly. A hundred meter more north you will see windsurfers.

The north of the spot is endless, but because of the shape of the land you will always wash to shore with winds that have a bit of west in it.

With sought-west wind the place is at the best, but any wind with west in it is fun.

Low and high tide are not a lot to worry about, you can pretty much always go out.

Winds as of 5 Bft-7Bft will generate 1-2 meter waves.

Winds above 7Bft can produce very nice clean swell 2 meters and higher.

Season: sept-may. windguru is your friend

Sleeping: campings & hotels plenty in the area


Reyndersweg 1
1951 LA Velsen-Noord

The navi will guide you all the way to the paved parking place. Here it is very easy to park and walk to the beach.

Abot a hundred meters before you pass the parking where a lot of windsurfers park and walk through the dunes.