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XMAS 2017 Newsletter


May we thank you for supporting our online Surfshop?

  • UNDER THE TREE GUARANTEE! Order until 19.12.2017 and get everything delivered in time for christmas!  Use your discount code:extra20off
  • SUP INNOVATION: Re-design the Finbox for easier paddling!
  • Meet the 2018 FIT OCEAN SUP collection at BOOT Düsseldorf 20.1.2018-27.1.2018
  • Pre-order the best tested iSUP FIT OCEAN Magic Glide
  • Dry-suit-Set 499.- CHF paddling in Winter offer
  • We went paddling in Korea and China: see our clip

Happy holiday season and a fantastic 2018!



NEW: US-Box inside an inflatable Board instead of glued on top
An inflatable board is easy to transport in the backpack (instead of a hardboard on the roof rack). But an inflated board normally has the finbox with US-Box system, glued on top of the bottom of the PVC Hull. The box itself blocks an easy waterflow underneath.
This in contrary of an SUP Hardboard which always has the box inside the hull (in the foam and covered with a polyester resin). These hardboards paddle faster.
SURFDEAL was technically involved in developping a US-Box that is placed inside the hull, and thus streamlining the waterflow on the bottom of the hull.
Left picture: normal US-Box glued on the bottom of the inflatable PVC hull. Notice the black part where the fin is attached into, is sticking 2cm out. Notice the baseplate sticking out 0.5 cm. Both break a waterflow and slow the board down.
Right picture: the new innovated US-Box is inside the inflatable PVC hull. The baseplate is only 2mm. Now the waterflow underneath the board is no longer broken/ blocked and this results in much easier paddling and more speed and more fun!
Production: the first board used with the innovated US-Box is an inflatable Board for super fast touring flatwater/ open ocean and for the occasional race.
It is the 2018 FIT OCEAN ULTRA 14’x26”x5”.

Want to test it? Meet us at our next race on Lake Annecy in the glagla race on 20.01.2018 & 21.01.2018.
Want to race it? Join the Team & take advantage of special Board Prices. More information


No need to have it under the XMAS tree? On the 10th of January 2018 we get our best-selling inflatable SUP Board back in stock: The 2018 FIT OCEAN Magic Glide 10’8.  This is the board that won many tests in 2017, is very stable, fast and easily carries 2 adults.

  • Pre-order now and get 50 CHF discount with code: happy50
  • Now only 519.- for Board, Paddle, Pump and Bag
  • Code valid until 18.1.2018
  • You will receive the board on 18.1.2018 with free shipping
  • Check out the orange,   green 


Do you belong to the freakslike us and would like to paddle in winter? We tried our normal 5mm wetsuit which was not comfortable and to warm. We tested several drysuits and for us the Prolimit Nordic has a great price value ratio. The material is light and not stiff. The fittings to ankle, arm and neck are comfortable. We especcially like the neck closure is not from rubber (not suffocating).

We gotten a hold of some stock from 2017 (The Suit remains unchanged for 2018). And can offer the 2017 Nordic for CHF 499.- (instead of 649).
Finish the Set with Raider boots (we liked that they provide excellent board-contact feeling and are warmenough)  for CHF 49.- So in total for VHF 549.- ready to SUP on in Winter. Let us know your Sizes so we dress you up.
More info


We care about the products we sell and as some of you may know, we fly personally to the factories in Korea and China to inspect each and every single board before it is packed.

Last visit we allowed ourselves 3 days off and simply pumped up an FIT OCEAN Cruise and paddled off, somewhere on the beach at the china south sea..

Here is a clip of our trip on youtube > thumbs up 🙂


  • Tipps on preparing the PVC of your SUP board for your new season
  • VIDEO: Paddling the largest SUP race: 11 Km. in Paris along the Eijfeltower
  • Happy Spring DEALS