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Wakesports Pitt Diamond board 139cm – Bestseller CHF 179.-. Board
Drauf steigen und wohlfuhlen. Allround Board für Einsteiger und Fortgeschrittene. 139cm passt für Rider von 70 bis 100 Kg. Die konkave Bottom-Shape mit 2,2” subtle 3 stage rocker (Biegung) und die 2 mitgeliefrten Finne erlauben easy geradeausfahren + smooth Carving + die erste Schritte ins Freestyle danke einer guten ´pop of the Wake´. Bauweise: leichtgewicht Fiberglass mit Stringer und Foamcore. Lieferumfang: Wakeboard , 2 Finnen. ´´Start my WAKE´´

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World Industries stick o rama, wakeboard 135cm CHF 179.-
Length: 135cm, riders untill 80 kg
The wakeboard is basically an inner city background that you decorate with the stickers provided.
If you want smooth transition through turns and a consistent pop off the wake, this board is for you. The rounded end profile and beveled perimeter provide a forgiving and consistent release off the wake. 2 removable fiberglass reinforced nylon fins provide excellent tracking.

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Humanoid 1up wakeboard 142 cm (riders up to 110 Kg.) CHF 389.- statt 549.-
Freestyle board for behind the boat and in the park. The 1up is only blended 3-stage rocker in the line, and it pops fierce but consistent. Rigid contours machined throughout the top and bottom give the 1up a stiffer flex through the center giving it maximum response when riding behind the boat. For laps around the park, the channels in the base transition to a flat tail and nose for catch free jib zones. The spine in the base remains level with the outside channels which make for aggressive tracking through the wake and landings easy on the knees. If you’re looking for a predictable, floaty freestyle board, this board has it all.

2015 Humanoid Plank kaufen schweiz

Humanoid PLANK- 379.- Preiswertes Board Parkknaller
Kauftipp. The formula is simple. We created a wide center and fast rocker line for the most flexible & fun water time adventure tool of the bunch. This is our entry level park board that competes on both performance and price.. .. Weiterlesen

2015 Humanoid Huxtable kaufen schweiz

Humanoid Huxtable– 629.- Tiefpreis fragen SALE 389.-
Verfügbar in 126cm, 132, 138 und 142cm
Our feature rich luxury park board got some serious plastic work done in 2015.. Weiterlesen





Premium ab 400.-

2015 Humanoid Oracle kaufen schweiz

Humanoid ORACLE – 599.-  SALE 439.-
The Oracle is our widest shape and maintains one of the largest rockers in the line. This makes for quick, explosive lift off the wake. .. Weiterlesen


2015 Humanoid o'shea oshea pro kaufen schweiz

Humanoid O’SHEA PRO – 639.- SALE 569.-
in 135, 139,144cm
Chris O upped his game once again by tuning his flagship model into a beast of a rig. Tip to tail base channels and 6 Point Seven fins make this board ideal for two things. – going fast & going huge. ..Weiterlesen