Buyers advice

Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards

Inflatable or Hardboard ?
Almost everybody nows buys an inflatable SUP board (and not a hardboard) because they are portable and the performance is almost similar.

The right size ?
determined by the Board volume > your bodyweight + at least 110 Liter. Example: you are 80 kg. ? Then a board with at least 190 Liter Volume. For example the  MAGIC GLIDE 10´8 with 280 Liter payload. Fits automatically for lighter persons also. The extra volume offers stability and paddling with kids on board.

Which catagory / model ?
80% buys an ALLROUND/ FAMILY for the whole family. These work on lakes, ocean and rivers. Advanced paddlers will enjoy a board in the TOURING catagory.

Price-Quality ?

  • We don’t recommend buying very low priced no-name SUP Boards at the Supermarket and Outlet which are also low cost produced (bad gluing, etc.). We do not sell these.
  • There are the well know brands like Red Paddle, Naish, Starboard which costs 1000+ CHF and these we do sell. These boards have higher total costs (production, sales, marketing).
  • A good allround SUP of high quality production complete with paddle does not have to cost a thousand Swiss Francs. Here are some of our bestsellers:

Affordable: Max. CHF 600

2019 STARDUPP Evo 10’8 In Stock!
Top quality all round inflatable starter board, made by the MISTRAL premium factory for iSUP. For Paddlers from 40 up to 140 Kg. and For men AND woman thanks to perfect sizing. With loading capacity up to 300 kg., enough for fun paddling with others. Dimensions: 325x81x15cm

2019 F2 Comet 10’5 In Stock!
2019 F2 Comet 11’5 In Stock!
Your all-round shape board that is perfect for daily paddling, touring or fitness programs. Dimensions : 320cmx84cmx15

2019 F2 Team 10’5 In Stock! 
2019 F2 Team 11’5 In Stock!
An allround easy-to-learn paddle board great for lakes, waves and rivers, the Team is lightweight but stiff. Dimensions: 320x81x15cm. Volume: 280 liters

2019 F2 Allround Air SUP 10’5 In Stock! 
Perfect for allround needs like paddling, touring, Yoga, and fitness, this stand-up-paddle board has a softdeck construction for comfort and best traction. Dimensions: 320x81x15cm. Volume: 280 Liter.

2019 F2 Axxis 11’5 In stock!
For beginners and advanced water sports enthusiasts, this board offers a lot of smoothness and can be loaded with up to 120 kg. It has balanced volume distribution and  EVA deck for maximum comfort and support. Seat can be attached. Dimensions: 350x83x15cm.

2020 FIT OCEAN Magic 10’8 mit WINDSURF Option In Stock !
Have the option to learn and go windsurfing. An all-round SUP with optimum width, perfect for paddlers from 50 to 105 kg. Stable for beginners. Dimensionen: 325x81x13cm. Volumen: 280 Liter.

2019 Apatcha SUP 10’6. Available colors:  Sky Blue,Red In Stock! 
A sturdy and all-round board that the family can bring to different SUP excursions. It stable and brings effortless gliding. Dimensions: 320x84x15cm. Volume: 330 Liters

2019 STX Allround 10’6 In Stock!
The Boards STX are very robust due to their thick skin. The 10’6 is a board that you can learn to paddle and enjoy with a child thanks to its high waterline. Volume: 260 Liter. Dimensions: 320x81x15cm.

2020 FIT OCEAN Malibu 10’0 *Delivery 20.1.2020* 
Top quality all round inflatable starter board, produced under Swiss supervision. For riders up 120 kg. Maximum payload 250 kg (paddling with kids also possible). Very stable and tracks great in a straight line, yet very maneuverable. Dimensions: 300x76x15cm.

2020 FIT OCEAN Lady 9’9 In stock *Delivery 20.1.2020* 
Lightweight and stiff board constructed to have a long lifetime. With its perfect shaping, it is suitable for lakes, rivers and waves. 300x76x15cm. Riders up to 100 kg. Max load 220 kg (paddling with kids fits). Dimensions: 297x76x15cm. Volume: 230 Liter

2020 FIT OCEAN Magic Glide 10’8 TESTWINNER *Delivery 20.1.2020* 

Available colors: AQUA, BLUE , ORANGE , GREEN In Stock !
No.1 bestselling inflatable all-round iSUP in Switzerland. For paddlers up to 140 kg. Max payload 300 Kg., enough for fun paddling with 2 adults or 1 adult with several kids. The board is stable for beginners to learn to paddle and yet offers a very good glide for more advanced paddlers. Includes rings to attach a kayak seat. Produced under Swiss supervision. Dimensions: 325x81x15cm. Volume: 300 Liter

2020 FIT OCEAN Sports 11’3 *Delivery 20.1.2020*
For sporty beginners wanting to learn SUP and advanced paddlers who want a high speed and fantastic tracking in a straight line. Pointy outline works for both beginner board as well as touring board. For paddlers up to 120 kg. Paddling with kids fits (maximum payload 280 kg.). Produced under Swiss supervision. Dimensions: 343x76x15cm. Volume: 300 Liter

Good deals: CHF 600 – 1000

2019 Apatcha SUP 11’6. Available colors:  Sky Blue and Red and Grey In Stock! 
Made of single layer with a double PVC belt construction, this board is stable enough for beginners and advanced riders alike. Dimensions: 350×81.3×15. Volume: 318 Liters

2019 Indiana SUP 9’6 Allround LITE In Stock!
Perfect board for smaller and light paddlers, the Indiana 9’6 SUP makes it possible for tricks, a yoga session or a river trip. Dimensions : 289.5cmx73.5cmx12cm Volume: 164L

2019 Indiana SUP 10’6 Family Pack: Available Colors Blue and Grey In Stock!
The all-round board is ideal for beginners and offers the complete starter package for the whole family. Thanks to the large volume, a child or dog can easily be on the board. Dimensions:  320cmx81.3cmx15cm Volume:307L

BIC Wing Air Evo 10’6 In Stock !
Riders up to 100 Kg will enjoy the good quality of this allround beginner Board. Dimensions: 320x81x15cm. Volume: 235 Liter

BIC Wing Air Evo 11’0 In stock !
Larger riders up to 140 kg will enjoy this super stable allround Board. Dimensions: 335x81x15cm. Volume: 305 Liter

2020 FIT OCEAN Cruise Premium Blue 12’0 In stock ! *Delivery 20.1.2020*
With the payload of 360 kg., this board is suitable for single heavier riders as well as 2 adults + kids. Great for touring, it makes possible for 2 adults to tandem-paddle. Pointy outline works for both beginner board as well as touring board. Dimensions 365x86x15cm. Volume: 350 Liter

2020 FIT OCEAN Family 12’2 *Delivery 20.1.2020*
With the payload of 470liters, this board is suitable for the family (3 adults + kids). It can easily be paddled by 1 person alone and it is pretty fast. Dimensions: 375x86x15cm. Volume: 450 Liter

Premium: > CHF 1000


2019 Red Paddle 10’6 in stock !
This is one the most loves allround SUP’s due to it’s double layer, very good pump, bag with wheels. For riders up to 100 kg. Volume: 240 Liter

2019 Starboard IGO Tikhine SUN 11’2” in stock !
An absolute georgeous inflatable Board for lighter riders. Bag with wheel, leach included by Starboard, double layer light technology. Design by Teamrider sonny honscheid. Top of the line. Best price in CH at Surfdeal. Volume: 340 Liter

2019 Starboard IGO Tikhine ZEN WAVE 11’2″ in stock !
An absolute georgeous inflatable Board. Bag with wheel, leach included by Starboard, double layer light technology. Design by Teamrider sonny honscheid. Top of the line. Best price in CH at Surfdeal. Volume: 340 Liter