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Get a head start on 2019 and preorder now

Don’t be like URS.   He only ordered his paddleboard in the middle of summer.   He ordered it at full price from a premium brand, and he spent  gorgeous weather waiting for his SUP to arrive.

Preorder inflatable SUP
Poor URS
preorder inflatable paddleboards

Be like ROGER.  Order when the price is cheap, order it from SURFDEAL, and order when you can be guaranteed it will arrive January 2019!

Why do we make kit available at preorder prices?
As a small company, our two biggest costs are the raw cost of the goods, and the costs of borrowing enough money to buy enough kit, also called the cost of capital.   We can reduce the cost of capital by asking you to pay a deposit upfront, and using that to purchase the raw materials.


And we guarantee delivery January 2019.

Being the best

We spend a lot of time designing the best qualityguilt free kit at the best prices. Our suppliers are all vetted and have the highest ethical and environmental creds. And that means that our kit is in high demand when it arrives.  Beat the rush, avoid the wait, and save money by preordering now!