2019 Naish SUP Maliko Air 14″x28″

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COD: R31.19.050-14'x28'


Naish SUP Maliko Air Inflatable SUP LENGTH: 14’0″ / 426.7 cm ; WIDTH: 28″/71.1 cm ; THICKNESS: 6’11″/16″/17 cm ;WEIGHT: 22 lbs / 10 kg ; VOLUME: 284 L

Who is it for?
Malikos are for paddlers seeking a competitive raceboard that will perform in any water condition—whether for racing or fitness training.

What does it do?
Malikos are proven race winner no matter what discipline, from technical sprints to open ocean/downwind races.

Why is it unique?
From flatwater to open ocean to downwind, there are no conditions in which the Maliko does not excel.

The Maliko models have a legacy of being the best 14-foot open ocean boards around. This award-winning shape has garnered an endless collection of high-ranking results across a variety of race types including the M2O World Championships, all varieties of sprint races and all-time wins at downwind races (such as the Naish Gorge Paddle Challenge and many other downwind race circuits on Maui).


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