Rental and Test center

How does it work?

  • Visit us during our opening hours or make an appointment.
  • Paddle at the lake in front of our Shop in Kuessnacht am Rigi. We have a dressing room where you can change. Toilet-facilities
  • There are several boards and paddles to choose from right by the water. If you want, we can advise you which board suits you best
  • Prices include board, paddle, leash, vest, drybag (and in cold times a neopren wetsuit & shoes)

Prices Rental

1 hour = CHF 20.- (buy a board and we deduct 1 hour)
1 complete day = CHF 90.-

Prices Course

1 hour = CHF 50.- incl. equipment and certified SUP Teacher. Please make an appointment.


  • Starboard: iGO, Touring, Airline
  • STX: Allround, Tourer, Race
  • Red Paddle: Ride, Voyager, Sports, Elite
  • Naish: Glide, One, Alana, Hover, Foil
  • FIT OCEAN: Malibu, Lady , Magic Glide, Sports, Cruise, Family, Speedster, Windglide, Force, Ultra
  • APATCHA: Allround
  • F2: Team, Strato, Impact, Axxis, Fresh
  • Aqua Marina: Fusion, Beast, Monster, Supertrip, Hyper, Race, Triton, Vapor, Vibrant, Thrive
  • Indiana: Allround, Touring
  • Various Paddles from the above brands, 1 canoe

Arrival & Parking