2018 NAISH Trapez ALANA



The Naish Trapez Alana is a ladies trapeze designed specifically for girls. The bar-pad is equipped with memory foam for greater protection of the rib cage. It’s all about size and 3D shaping that traces female curves perfectly. The model has a sliding inner strap that adds up to 10 cm extra waist circumference. It allows kiters to ride one trapeze comfortably in summer and winter.

  • Highly durable cord around the back, for attaching a handlepass leash with the possibility of blasting
  • Double strap for perfect fixation and wide range of adjustments
  • Load distribution panels
  • All fabrics used have rounded edges and padding for maximum comfort
  • 3D Fit Technology – fits perfectly to body shape
  • Click-in Spreader Bar system – used to maintain the correct hook position
  • Hook pad with stabilizer
  • 3D inner padding – for optimum load shaping and distribution