2020 Fit Ocean Life Vest Kids

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If you are outside of the shore zone (300 meters) from the shore with your Stand Up Paddling Surfboard you have to bring a life jacket according to VKS Switzerland!

  • EN I12402-4 100N approved vest
  • Comfortable shape for kids
  • Neck part. Your childs head stays above water
  • Reflectives
  • Easy access with YKK front zipper
  • ITW buckle with safety release
  • Extra leg straps so vest stays in place and can not slide up
  • Extra wide arm openings for sport
  • Super lightweight only 900 gr.
  • 2 Sizes: XS (10-20kg) and S (20-30 kg)

Strong nylon and PE-foam blended in one lightweight Universal Vest. A lightweight, certified 100N buoyancy aid manufactured with the knowledge of a FIT OCEAN’s signature lay-up. Its neck-part is there so your childs head can stay above water. The buckle makes this vest adjust to different sizes and body shapes. The extra wide arm-pit opening assures more comfort during sport. The strong YKK zipper and safe ITW buckles with safety release ensures good fitting. Have a safe ride!

(1) Neck-part
(2) Reflective
(3) YKK zipper
(4) Strap with ITW buckle
(5) Extra leg strap


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