Drydor Quantum X1 Ceramic Men

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  • without hood, without footies
  • Vertical zip fastener
  • High Performance SUP DrySuit with YKK waterproof zipper and Neopreneclosures
  • Comfortable to wear (get in/out) (does not sufficate neck, ankles, wrists)
  • Extremely breathable thanks to Swiss Schöller fabric
  • Straight zipper (easier to access)
  • Budget friendly
  • There are cheaper drysuits at the market but the breathability-difference is huge and well worth the money spend
  • The shape of the drysuit is not too baggy, yet comfortable enough to strech and paddle active
  • Vertical zipper (recommended)

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1 review for Drydor Quantum X1 Ceramic Men

  1. Mark

    Review by Surfshop surfdeal:
    We paddle ourselves during fall , a couple of times during winter and we paddle in spring. We used it for recreational paddling and for a SUP Race. During rain, light snow and during sunny days in winter. We recommend the Drysuit as it is a pleasure to wear and one of the best value for money drysuits currently on the market.

    Drydor X1:
    +thin (very smooth and almost the feelng as if paddling without a suit)
    +made in Switzerland (support / repair etc)
    +straight zipper is easy access
    +neoprence neck, arm and leg cuffings are waterproof and dont clamp (hence more comfortable then other suits with rubber cuffings)
    +storage bag

    -thin (vulnarable/ be carefull with sharp objects etc)
    -colors are a bit funky

    Summary Drydor 700 CHF vs other brand 500 CHF drysuit:
    After 2 years paddling in an other brand Drysuit that costs 500 CHF we now tested a 700 CHF drysuit from Drydor.
    The 700 CHF Drydor drysuit in itself is great. Compared to a 500 CHF drysuit is is worth the extra investment. The main difference is the MATERIAL that is used. The 700 CHF Drydor uses a certain material: Schöller from Switzerland. This material is light, smooth and yet is waterproof.
    Opposed to the 500 CHF drysuit which uses that is thicker and heavier. The difference is noticable. It costs less energy paddling the Drydor suit. Also it has a better breathability then drysuits with lower pricepoints. Please note you still sweat and get damped clothes underneath. A polyester shirt underneath is better then a cotton one.

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