Naish Wing-Surfer



Order now and assure you will have yours on 25.09.2019.
There are a limited amount of pieces available for Switzerland. And they will arrive first on September 25th in Switzerland at the Naish importer.

Want to try it ?
As of September 25th at SURFDEAL Testcenter you can test it for free.

What is it
The Wing-Surfer is the ultimate handheld surfing wing. It’s a cross between windsurfing sail and a kiteboarding kite, but with no rigging, no hardware, and no strings attached!

It is made with the same industry leading and high-quality materials and construction as Naish kiteboarding kites. Utilizing Quad-Tex canopy material and top-of-the-line Teijin dracon leading edge and strut for lightweight, yet long-lasting performance.

Who is it for?

Board riders of all kinds looking for a new wind power thrill


  • 1 size= 4m2
  • Integrated grab handles
  • Integrated wrist leash
  • SUP Paddle attachment
  • Airmax Pump
  • Bladder Lock
  • Kevlar Leading Edge Reinforcements
  • Quad-Tex Ripstop Fabric


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