PERFORMER 9’2 WHITE + alloy paddle


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For novice riders under 150lbs, the 9’2 is a stable flat-water cruiser that’s compact and lightweight (23lbs!), making it a breeze to transport, carry and store. For intermediate riders up to 180lbs, it’s the perfect surf SUP when you’re ready to move to a shorter more maneuverable board. For larger riders, the 9’2 will help take your surfing to new levels. All this in BIC SUP’s legendary ACE-TEC construction for durability AND lightweight performance at a great price.


Good and pleasant lightweight, aluminium paddle – vario adjustable in all lengths

Aluminium shaft. Nylon handle and blade. Splits in 3-pieces so it fits in the backpack.


  • More drive with every paddlestroke thanks to the BOLT blade shape
  • Less fatique thanks to its lightweight
  • For every paddler, kids and adults
  • Less fatique thanks to ergonomic handle
  • Slim shaft thanks to clip vario system
  • Robust quality for a long lifetime (swiss brand)
  • Fits in the backpack because it splits in 3 pieces


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