SALE Bravo GE21 Electric Inflation SUP Pump with built in battery

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The Bravo GE21 Electric Pump is a robust and fast inflator for high pressure applications like inflatable SUP’s. Easy set desired pressure and the pump will automatically stop when the pressure is reached.
Integrated 12V DC battery, rechargeable through cigarette plug or standard 110-240 AC/DC adaptor.
1 Bar (15 psi) up to 1.5 Bar (22 psi). Attention normal iSUP pump to 14 psi max.

Carry-bag, hose and standard connectors included. Perfect for High Pressure Inflatable Boats, SUP’s, Kayaks, Beds and more.

  • Intergrated 12V DC battery rechargable by the cigarette plug or standard 110-240 AC/DC adaptor
  • Suitable for SUP, Boats, Kites,kayaks, all kind of inflatable
  • Inflation fittings for most common valves
  • New portable high efficiency, low noise electric inflator
  • Twin Cylinder, no relays or microswitches


Manufacturer Info

  • Wide pressure range selectable by easy to use dial with automatic shut off
  • Easy standard connection to cigarette plug
  • LED indicators for diagnostics
  • Equipped with alligator clips for direct connection to external 12V batteries
  • Rubber base for maximium stability
  • Protective filtration system
  • Carry Bag included
  • Air FLow 125 litres per min
  • Max pressure 1.5bar (22 PSI)
  • Current consumption 9A Max
  • Inflates or deflates
  • Power Supply 12V DC from cigarette plug or from external battery
  • Dimensions in bag 220x320x220mm
  • Weight 3.5kg
  • Construction ABS +PA

1 review for SALE Bravo GE21 Electric Inflation SUP Pump with built in battery

  1. waterman

    Surfdeal Test/ review of the Bravo GE21 Electric Pump.

    FYI: in last 5 years we have sold many different brands. The Scoprega / Bravo brand is made in Italy and are of very good quality. Cost maybe a bit more then others, but also we never had broken (over heated) pump back. Quality is important as pump has to make a serious effort to reach 1 Bar without overheating. 

    Test with the Bravo GE21 Electric Pump connected to the electricity at home. We connected the tube to the pump. We set the pump to 1 Bar (15 PSI). A 10’8x32x6” Board was hard after 4 minutes. Pump turned off automatically. We also tested with the pump running on the build in battery + we tested running on the sigaret lighter insert in the car. The pump worked exactly the same.

    We liked:

    +robust, will not overheat
    +many adapters so will work on holiday with different electricity sockets and will fit all different iSUP’s
    +price but again better to buy a good pump

    Our main questions:

    Does it fit MY model/brand SUP ? Yes, it has multiple connectors
    How fast ? small boards in 4 minutes. Large boards (12ft) about 7 minutes)
    Can I inflate multiple boards? yes but after 2 boards you need to let the pump cool off 10 minutes.
    Fits other inflatable boats etc.? Yes, it has multiple connectors for toy inflatable boats etc.

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