An inflatable SUP repair takes 1 – 2 weeks on average


  • Send an e-mail (describe the problem and if possible attach a photo of the problem) (no Whatsapp/ SMS/ MMS)
  • Estimate for repair costs (see price table below)
  • Payment
  • Send and the SUP (do not bring over) We only need the skin of the SUP. For valve repair we also need the hose of the pump (not the pump itself)
  • Repair of the SUP within 1 week* after receipt of payment
  • Dispatch of the SUP by A Mail (shipping price included in our offer). No collection of the repaired SUP in the shop

*Delayed payment = delay in repair. After a repair we check our repair and if we find that the repair needs to be improved, this may cause a small delay.

Price list repair/work price
Please note that a processing fee of CHF 35 is charged in any case. This includes inflation, assessment and return or disposal. In addition:

  • Top/bottom 1 place leak CHF 90 (50)*
  • Rail/ rail/ side, 1 place leakage CHF 90 (50.-)*
  • Side seam, 1 place leak CHF 150 (60)*
  • Side seam on nose/tail (/round), 1 place leak CHF 200 (60)*
  • Air bubble on deck pad (no leak) CHF 80
  • Leak in valve CHF 60/ Replace upper part of valve CHF 80/ Replace whole valve CHF 150
  • Replace fin box CHF 150
  • Remove old repair CHF 90

*(CHF xx.-) = surcharge for each additional space / cut larger than 10cm

Not repairable

  • Long crack, over 15 cm
  • Leak under deck pad
  • Banana/ negative banana shape

We provide a one year warranty on repairs.